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For over 20 years, Power Ads have been included in your MLGW utility bill, offering you great money saving opportunities and other special offers, while helping those who need it most through contributions to MLGW's Plus-1 utility assistance program.

Now, we have gone digital and you can receive great savings 24 hours a day! Why pay more for the goods and services that you already purchase each and every day. All you have to do is log on and start saving today!! You’ll always find specials that are not in your utility statement.  So if you want to save money with coupons for auto repair, restaurants, carpet cleaning, parking at the airport, home improvements, haircuts and more, this is your site! is Memphis best place to find the latest online coupons and offers from leading retailers in the area. We work hard to help you get the best deals for special savings. So take advantage of these great deals right away and check back often to review the most recently posted coupons and special offers.

Also please remember to sign-in and provide us with your email address. We do not sell or disclose this information. All we want to do is send you our Coupon Newsletters and other great offers that will help you and your family enjoy thousands in savings. Why pay more? Let help you start saving today!!

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Coupons in Memphis Power Ads save you money -AND- help fund the
local charity MIFA.

Save more by following this series of energy saving tips:

TIP #21 Consider caulking and installing weatherstrips around
windows and doors, to save energy and save you money!

Thanks for considering implementing these tips,
and thank you for using the coupons, deals and special offers
found in the Memphis Power Ads.

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